Cost Indications

The following is a brief resumé of the cost of obtaining your domain name, having a site built and the small but ongoing charges for hosting and maintenance.

  • Registration of your domain name - an annual expense.
  • The cost of having your site built - essentially a one-off expense, prices from about $500 for showcase and catalogue sites and from about $1600 for turnkey shopping cart sites.
  • The cost of hosting your site on the internet - a monthly expense, currently $40 plus GST monthly for commercial hosting, $20 for non-commercial and small business enterprises, on reliable New Zealand servers with unlimited ongoing support. We also have a budget business hosting plan at $20 per month but this is without free support. 
  •   The cost of any content updates if you are unwilling to do this yourself - a periodic expense. Our initial fee includes teaching you how to make your own changes.

Contact us with a bit of detail about your needs - we will get back to you promptly with a quotation. Remember, too, we have time payment plans available to make the cost manageable for you without any interest penalties.


Payment Options

We appreciate that many businesses are aware of the benefits of an on-line presence but simply do not have the budget to commission a site to be built. In acknowledgement of this we are able to offer payment plans spanning up to twelve months without any interest charge or other obligation. You may be asked to provide credit references. Alternatively, we can tailor a website lease option to help conserve your business capital. Please enquire - as a amall business ourselves, you will find us sympathetic to your circumstances.

Given that it is often not easy to find funds for business promotion, particularly press and magazine advertising many businesses reason that they can't afford a web presence. We urge those ones to ask themselves, "Can we really afford not to be there?"  Increasingly, potential purchasers to do their market research on the internet and, indeed, many of them also are now doing their buying on-line as well. It is also very important that whatever site you have displays well on mobile phones.

In an effort to balance the need for an on-line presence with the cost involved in getting a sound, professionally designed product we have introduced a strategy that should make the acquisition of a company- or small business website more manageable.

At the simplest level we are offering terms of up to a year to pay without interest or other obligations. We also have a plan whereby you may lease your site and thus conserve capital - your accountant will be able to advise if this is an option that will better benefit your business.

If that still doesn't look affordable, we are quite open to negotiation and contra deals, so, please talk to us.